Yamaichi Electronics has introduced a new series of circular connectors “made in Germany” with a push-pull locking mechanism: Y-Circ® P

The advantages of the new Y-Circ® P push-pull circular connector:

  • Shorter: saves space with an innovative design
  • Lighter: lower weight due to more compact construction
  • Simpler: time savings from faster assembly

The push-pull locking mechanism permits the simple insertion and unlocking of the connector by pulling on the housing. High-quality contacts permit at least 5,000 plug cycles.

The Y-Circ® P series can be connected to other existing series on the market, but it has clear advantages. For example, the connector is significantly shorter than the competing products, saving space.

To permit fast, flexible production, the connector series is produced by Yamaichi Electronics in Germany. This location has been active in the area of connector manufacturing and cable assembly for years. So in addition to connectors, customer-specific cable assemblies can also be offered. And customers benefit from excellent support and service.

Take advantage of cost savings and quality “made in Germany”!

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