XP Power’s medical wall mount power supplies meet level VI and Tier 2 standards

XP Power has announced the ACM06 and ACM18 series of medically-approved wall mount / plug top power supplies that meet the latest Department of Energy (DoE) Level VI and Code of Conduct (CoC) Tier 2 standards. With single outputs of 6W and 18W respectively, they feature industry leading efficiency figures and use less energy while operating at no load to help reduce the impact on the environment and reduce energy costs.


The power supplies feature a high average efficiency of up to 87.5 per cent typical measured at 25 per cent, 50 per cent, 75 per cent and 100 per cent load, meeting the new DoE energy efficiency level VI (US) and CoC Tier 2 requirements in the EU. Both series feature a low no load input power, with all ranges consuming less than 0.075W.


Exhibiting versatility, the ACM06 series is available in 5, 9 and 12VDC output models, while the ACM18 comes in 5, 9, 12, 15, 18 and 24VDC single output models, the most common output voltages to suit most applications. Both offer a choice of detachable input plugs for either the US, UK, EU, China or Australian use. This gives the designer the option of sourcing one or multiple plugs for their specific locations.


With Medical 60601-1 and ITE 60950-1 safety approvals, and meeting Class B limits for both conducted and radiated emissions, the power supplies have the relevant international safety approvals and meet stringent EMC noise requirements for use in both medical and industrial applications. An operating temperature range from 0 to +60 degrees C, and a full power rating to +40 degrees C allow the power supplies to operate in most environments.


Both series feature an output cable with a standard, 2.5mm inner, 5.5mm outer diameter barrel connector. 5VDC models are also available with an optional USB in-body connector instead of the output cord and plug. As standard, all models have a black plastic case, with white cases available as an option.


Factors driving the demand for this type of product are the latest requirements of the DoE in the US and the CoC in the EU. These standards set limits for average energy efficiency and minimum no load power consumption. The new requirement lowers the minimum no load power to less than 0.075 Watt for the 6-18 Watt output power level. 


The power supplies will find favour in a myriad of applications where an external wall mount power supply is preferred to one mounted internally in the end product.


Compared to the competition, XP Power’s ACM06 and ACM18 series feature very high, industry leading efficiencies, they are competitively priced and are available now.


The series are available from Digi-Key, element14, Farnell, RS Components, approved regional distributors, or direct from XP Power and come with a 3-year warranty. 



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