X-REL unveils two-channel full-duplex isolated transceiver and power driver

Following the introduction of the first monolithic isolated intelligent power driver for extreme temperatures (XTR26010), X-REL Semiconductor has announced the release of two new companion products allowing isolated communication and extended drive strength. These two new products complete the X-REL chipset allowing the implementation of highly integrated and compact isolated drivers for silicon carbide (SiC), gallium nitride (GaN) and silicon power switches.

These products will target applications such as motor drive, power conversion and high-voltage communication in highly demanding markets such as aerospace, industrial, hybrid and electric vehicles, transportation, geothermal and oil & gas.

The newly released products are the XTR40010 two-channel full-duplex isolated transceiver and the XTR25010 power driver. With these two devices X-REL Semiconductor is looking at the implementation of low part-count and reduced footprint Intelligent Power Modules (IPM) that are able to operate at extreme temperatures. Indeed, using these new devices in a half-bridge driver application provides a total area reduction of more than 40% and a saving in part count by more than 50%. The reduction in active parts obtained by using X-REL’s chipset is above 70%. “This strong reduction in area and bill-of-material (BoM) provides a drastic reduction in system complexity, cost and development time, greatly accelerating qualification cycles and time-to-market of products developed by our customers,” said Lydie Ferreira, Marketing Manager at X-REL Semiconductor.

In the XTR40010, galvanic isolation is obtained through small footprint pulse transformers with 6mm external diameter. An application note on the XTR40010 webpage provides full details about the implementation of such transformers, capable of providing immunity against high dV/dt transitions. Achievable data rates are above 2Mbps with low propagation delay and signal jitter. The carrier frequency can be selected by the customer in order to accommodate to stringent EMC constraints. The XTR40010 isolated transceiver can also be used in any data communication system such as sensor interfaces and industrial busses.

The XTR25010 power driver is intended for extending the drive capability of the intelligent isolated power driver XTR26010 or as a standalone non-isolated driver. Able to operate with normally-off as well as normally-on transistors, the XTR25010 offers two-level transistor turn-on capabilities and turn-off driver with integrated Active Miller Clamping and soft shut-down switch. When used as a drive extension, the XTR25010 is driven by dedicated outputs from the XTR26010 intelligent isolated power driver. Typical applications in standalone mode include non-isolated power driver and output stage of DC-DC converters.

Like any other X-REL Semiconductor product, the XTR25010 and XTR40010 are able to reliably operate from -60°C to well above +230°C with expected lifetime of 5 years at +230°C, and also to be used in applications running at lower temperatures (e.g. from 100°C to 200°C) where extended lifetime is expected or where failing is not an option.

XTR25010 Power Driver and XTR40010 Isolated Transceiver are available immediately in high-reliability hermetic and plastic packages as well as in bare die for niche and large volume markets.

To demonstrate the functionality of these parts together with the XTR26010, an extremely compact half-bridge driver demo board with high-temperature capability has been developed by a third party company (www.solvelec.com).



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