Wireless Industry may take a few knocks but will bounce back stronger

The disruption of out-dated business models in the wireless industry will pave the way for new growth, predicts serial entrepreneur and keynote speaker at the CW Future of Wireless International Conference, Dr David Cleevely, CBE, FREng, FIET and chair of Cambridge Wireless (CW).

“Many industries have failed to deal with disruption and it remains to be seen how well the wireless industry will respond to the pace of change and disruptive innovation,” said David Cleevely. “It will not be enough for companies to simply keep a check on their competitors, as the threat is increasingly coming from start-ups who can take their products or services to market within months of inception.” But Cleevely, who will address delegates at the CW Future of Wireless International Conference on 23rd and 24th June at the Emirates Stadium in London, believes that the destruction of traditional market models and growth patterns, in parallel with disruptive technology could signal an exciting new era for the wireless industry. 

“Creative destruction is ever present and while innovation kills off markets, new opportunities and businesses emerge and take shape. It has happened for centuries with transport and it may well be what faces wireless,” said Cleevely. “There is every possibility that the industry will emerge stronger, albeit a little less stable. But hopefully this instability will push wireless companies towards adopting more sustainable and defensible business models that can also drive the industry forward.”

The CW Future of Wireless International Conference will cover both the disruption that wireless is causing to other industries as well as the threats to the wireless industry itself. “We are going to see huge transformative change in whole industry sectors that will impact how we live, work and play in very profound ways, as we wirelessly connect “things” to the Internet and enable “things” to share information with each other in unexpected ways”, said Peter Whale, chair of the FWIC Agenda Committee and board member of Cambridge Wireless. “My challenge to the wireless industry is to embrace the ambiguity that change brings, to ‘up the game’ further and figure out together how to engage with and add value to whole new industry sectors, in ways that allow creativity and innovation to be unleashed.”

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