Winbond Top NOR Flash Memory Supplier Worldwide

Winbond Electronics Corporation, a global supplier of Flash memories and inventor of the popular Multi-I/O Serial Flash architecture, today announced it is now the top supplier of all NOR Flash memories worldwide.

Based on recent market data from WebFeet Research, Winbond took the number-one NOR revenue position in 2019 with a 22.8% market share. In support of this mission, shipped 3.089 billion Flash memories in 2019, which is the leadership position with 27.3% of all NOR Flash units worldwide. Additionally, Winbond has been the top supplier of Serial NOR Flash since 2012 and has 27.1% market share out of a total revenue of $2.009 B.  Meeting the growing flash memory needs of its customers around the world with its own 12-inch wafer fabrication facility in Taichung – Taiwan, it has now started construction of a second 12-inch wafer manufacturing facility in Kaohsiung in Southern Taiwan. This second fabrication facility will start manufacturing DRAMs, which makes it convenient for further expansion and growth of flash manufacturing at the Taichung facility to meet the demands of new applications of flash memories like AI, Automotive, Storage, Networking and 5G.

NOR Flash Market, Particularly Serial Flash Continues to Grow

“Worldwide Serial NOR Flash shipments will continue to grow from $2 billion in 2019 to greater than $2.89 billion by 2024,” said Alan Niebel, founder and CEO of WebFeet Research, Inc.

“Winbond, a pioneer in Serial Flash memories and now the leading supplier of NOR Flash that is predominately Serial Flash, is well positioned to take advantage of this market growth with its innovation in both products and packaging ingenuity, broad product portfolio and manufacturing capabilities.”

“We are extremely pleased with the popularity of our SpiFlash memories and becoming the top

NOR Flash supplier worldwide,” said J.W. Park, Technology Executive of Winbond Flash Memory. “We anticipate further growth after recovering from 2020 and are ramping production of our products to address a wide range of higher-density applications.”

Advanced Flash Technology for High Density Applications

Winbond has shipped more than twenty-billion Serial Flash memories since its SpiFlash product line was launched in 2006. Throughout this time the company has continued to advance its Flash process technology and packaging capabilities. Winbond introduced its first 58nm-based products in 2011 and now offers a broad line of high-density 58nm SpiFlash memories spanning 16Mb to 1Gb densities, 3V and 1.8V power supplies, in a range of packages and known-good-die (KGD) solutions, with plans to move to 4x nm technology by 2021. The 58nm technology provides a more cost-effective, feature-rich and higher-performance solution than the 90nm Flash technology, used primarily for lower-density SpiFlash products ranging from 512Kb to 16Mb as well as for several Automotive applications that have been designed in with key customers. Winbond’s Flash business is expected to grow further in 2020 and beyond, as applications demand higher Serial Flash densities. Key applications driving this demand include: mobile phones, set-top boxes, digital televisions, electronic games, wearables and hearables, cable and DSL modems, wireless LANs, networking, automotive, servers, next generation gaming desktops and 5G. Winbond is now offering even higher-density 58nm 512Mb and 1Gb NOR Flash memories in 3V and 1.8V to address the need for higher density memory in the industry. For specific details of products and packages please contact Winbond.

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