Winbond leads the era of wearable devices with the launch of HyperRAM WLCSP package

Winbond Electronics Corporation, a leading global supplier of semiconductor memory solutions, today announced the introduction of new HyperRAM products with WLCSP, which reaches an unprecedented thin form factor in embedded applications.

HyperBus technology was first published by Cypress in 2014. Compared to the transmission and control interface of other memory, one of the characteristics of the HyperBus interface is the low pin count, which makes the circuit board layout simpler and the wiring area relatively small. Several IC design service companies have launched HyperBus related IP, which makes it easier for main chip manufacturers to design memory controllers, and there are more and more main chip manufacturers whose products support this interface. In response to this trend, Winbond Electronics has successively launched related HyperRAM series products.

Comparing to the existing 3.0V HyperRAM products operating at 100MHz / 200Mbps and 1.8V HyperRAM products operating at 166MHz / 333Mbps, Winbond HyperRAM 2.0 products can operate at a maximum frequency of 200MHz and provide a maximum data-transfer rate of 400Mbps with either 3.0V or 1.8V operation voltage.

In terms of memory density, Winbond provides four product lines of 32Mb, 64Mb, 128Mb, and 256Mb for different customer applications.

In terms of package type, Winbond also provides a variety of options, including:

* 24-ball, 8mm x 6mm TFBGA for automotive and industrial applications

* 49-ball, 4mm x 4mm WFBGA for consumer applications

* 15-ball, 1.48mm x 2mm Wafer Level Chip Scale Package (WLCSP)

* Known Good Die (KGD)

Wafer Level Chip Scale Package refers to the technology of packaging an integrated circuit at the wafer level, instead of the traditional process of assembling individual units in packages after dicing them from a wafer. The key advantages of the WLCSP are the minimum inductance of die to PCB, enhanced thermal conduction, reduced package size, weight and smaller foot print. These characteristics make WLCSP the best solution to meet the requirements of mobile products like cellular phones, smart watches, and other wearable electronics. Winbond HyperRAM(tm) series products with WLCSP will be the best memory solution for these applications.

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