Wideblue recently demonstrated its optoelectronics expertise at the recent Censis exhibition in Glasgow

Wideblue, a multi-award winning product design and development consultancy, recently demonstrated its leading edge expertise in optoelectronics at the Censis exhibition which took place in Glasgow on 7 November.

Censis is the leading organisation for sensing, imaging and IoT technologies.

Integration of photonics into products is a major strength of Wideblue. The company brings together optics with associated mechanisms, electronics, software and image processing to create innovative systems.

The Wideblue team has been responsible for optical system design of many consumer, commercial and scientific imaging systems. Wideblue has also designed and developed a broad variety of emission and detection systems incorporating: solid state illumination including LEDs and LASERs, CMOS and CCD imaging devices, photomultiplier detectors, SPADs, ultra-violet/visible and infra-red. Optical simulation software is also used to model optical performance, for example, to help optimise complex shaped light guides or to develop multi-stage lens systems.

WideBlue now has a multi-disciplinary workforce of 17engineers many of whom have multiple degrees in electronics, physics, product design, engineering and production. The company has won numerous awards for product design including a European Design Award in 2017 for the development of a mobile phone ophthalmoscope for client Peek Vision. It has also won accolades for its work on the I-1 instant analog/digital camera for The Impossible Project.

For more information about Wideblue please visit: www.wide-blue.com

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