Wide range of Electrolytic Capacitors available from JPR Electronics

Specialist distributors JPR Electronics have been the UK franchised distributor for the Hitano Corporation for over 25 years, supplying their extensive product range of capacitors and passive components to UK designers and manufacturers. The superior construction, long shelf-life, dependability and wide range of working voltages and values make Hitano the number one choice for many manufacturers worldwide.


The most recent product introductions are RoHS compliant wide temperature range radial and SMT capacitors which can operate from -40 to +85°C. The Radial Electrolytic 85° ECR series operates over the voltage range 10 to 100VDC and are available from 1 to 4700µF. They are manufactured to JIS-C5141 (1971) standard, all types are fully sleeved and are available taped and reeled to special order. The SMD 85° series have values between 1 to 1000µF and operate from 10 to 50VDC, are supplied on tape for automatic placement and designed for reflow soldering processes.


Hitano’s range of Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitors is broad enough to cover the majority of requirements. With low ESR conductive polymer, high operating temperature, low leakage currents, ultra-miniature form-factors and long life types all in SMD and through-hole casings. Snap In product is also available in standard format, high temperature and low impedance. A range of slim electrolytics are also available where board space is a premium.


“We are the main UK distributors for Hitano capacitors and can offer a huge range of Hitano electrolytics from stock including axial and radial lead, low leakage, low impedance, non-polarised, snap-in can, and V-chip miniature SMD types.” Says Paul Raynor, director of JPR Electronics ”Hitano ECA, ECR, EHR, EXR, ELP, EHP, EHV, ELV, EMR, EMRL and E5R ranges are all available for next-day delivery from our in depth stocks.”


The Hitano Enterprise Corporation, now exporting over $15M worth of product, were founded in 1980 for the production of Electrolytic, Multilayer, Ceramic, Chip and Film Capacitors, Metal oxide varistor’s, Resistors, Inductors and Resettable Fuses (PPTC). All products are manufactured under internationally approved standards with strict quality control. Products and management systems gained ISO-9001 international certification in June 1997.



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