Why assemble it yourself when MiniTec will do it for you?

MiniTec’s modular aluminium profile system can be used to construct virtually any rigid structure or equipment, hence the nickname “industrial meccano” which aptly describes its flexibility.

Trend towards pre-assembled requirements

MiniTec offer the customer a full engineering and design service to ensure that the customer’s requirements are met and optimised.  In addition to this service convenient apps are available on the website for those who want to design their own structure.

More recently though MiniTec have realised that more and more customers, for reasons of time, effort and convenience, will approach the company and give the broadest of specifications and leave the rest up to the engineers at the company to come up with the best solution.

With years of experience in providing both simple and complex machine guarding structures, conveyor systems and complete assembly lines and benches as these examples show:

Re-useability means sustainability

One of the appeals of the system is that the customer can elect to assemble the structure himself and adapt and re-use to suit the changing requirements of the operation and application.

Unlike many other profile systems on the market, MiniTec uses a standard off the shelf locking nut arrangement, the unique Powerlock fastening method which requires no specific preparation, pre-machining or special tools and uses standard off the shelf fasteners. The use of standard M8 fasteners reduces the cost of the overall package of profiles and locking system considerably compared with many other systems which incorporate brand specific locking systems. The only tool required to set up or dismantle a system is an Allen Key.

Let MiniTec do the work for you

The design of the product coupled with the flexible approach of the company to designing complete systems to customer requirements, or offering component supply for a “do it yourself” option ensures that the MiniTec modular aluminium profile system delivers flexibility, sustainability and simplicity at an affordable cost.

If you have an interesting project in mind get in touch and see how MiniTec will make it easy for you to get the right solution for the application.


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