Waterproof Projected Capacitive Touch Screens function with gloves.

A new range of Pro Cap Touch Screens offer functionality with water on the panel.

With the combination of EDT’s sensor structure and IC algorithms this enables the user to touch using any type of glove.

High temperature and high humidity implementation ( 85degC , 90% , 1000 hours ) has proven the robust design of the M12 series at extreme operating conditions.

With tuneable sensitivity by three internal parameters , along with superior noise immunity hardware design , improved sensitivity for thick cover glass and wider temperature operation capability , the M12 series is an outstanding solution for most industrial applications.

Sizes from 3.5 inch to 7 inch initially followed by 10.1inch , 10.4inch , 12.1inch and 15.4 inch.

Supports thick cover lens from 3mm to 7mm.



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