Vox Power = High Density AC/DC Power Solutions

Dublin, Ireland – Vox Power Ltd designs and manufactures modular power supplies with a record breaking 25W/in³, almost double the power density of competing products. The Vox Power Nevo+ 600 Series is approved for use in both the Information Technology (IT) and Medical industries, offering customers unique configured solutions in 24 hours or less. Our customers may purchase individual modules for field integration or buy a Nevo solution as a fully integrated power supply. The Vox Power Dublin facility will support integration for quick turn-around which includes assembly, automatic testing, burn-in, final testing and packaging. Vox Power recently moved to a new facility with 4 times the space to ensure we stay ahead of the demands for our unique configured power solutions.

Vox Power recently launched its new series of Nevo+1200 configurable power solutions which allow customers create a custom power solution with up to 16 output voltages at a maximum output power level of 1200 watts. The NEW Nevo+1200 Series has both ITE 2nd edition and Medical 3rd edition approvals and has the unique remote primary shut-down function as standard which allows the configured solution consume less than 3 watts when not in use.

Vox Power will extend its product offering during 2014/15 to include further output modules for both the Nevo+600 & 1200 series and expand our existing product options. The Vox Power strategy of constant innovation will ensure the boundaries of power density and design are continuously challenged. Our new product designs scheduled to be released in Q2 2015 will ensure Vox Power continues to be the power density and technology leader in our market space.

About Vox Power

Vox Power was established in Dublin in 2006 to address the growing demand for higher density power solutions, which are required to create smaller, lighter and more efficient products. With the release of the NEVO+ series, Vox Power set a new benchmark in AC/DC power conversion and with additional technology and product advances already underway, we intend to push performance boundaries even further.

For more information on how to order samples, applications or technical specifications see the Vox Power website www.vox-power.com or contact Vox Power at +353 1 459 1161 or via email at sales@vox-power.com.

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