VOLTCRAFT current clamp with ultra-slim pincer head

With the VOLTCRAFT VC-337, Conrad Electronic offers the first current measuring clamp with an ultra-slim clamp head. Users, who choose the VC-337, are able to grip individual wires between the cable duct and terminal blocks much more easily than with conventional clamps, and are well equipped for taking measurements on dense wire installations in control cabinets.

“While the wire to be measured has to be pulled out of the cable duct when using other current clamps, the VC-337 simply grips between adjacent wires. This is possible because the measuring gap of the clamp has a diameter of 5.5 mm, and the tool can be positioned at an angle. Therefore, the VC-337 is suitable for cables with a cross section of up to 6 mm²,” says Harald Lehner from VOLTCRAFT at Conrad Electronic.

He adds: “The VC-337 current measuring clamp offers the best compromise between the size of the clamp jaw and the safety class with the appropriate insulation. In practice, a proven beneficial feature is the clamp open-limiting stop which prevents cables from getting too deep into the clamp’s mouth and being crushed as a result. Thanks to the two-component housing, the handy measuring device is also suitable for harsh environments, and the rubberised housing shell ensures a secure and comfortable grip.”

The VOLTCRAFT VC-337 with 4,000 counts complies with the measurement categories CAT II 600V and CAT III 300V and is suitable for non-contact measurement of direct and alternating currents from 0.001 to 40 A.

The true-RMS measurement of the current clamp allows the exact measurement of asymmetrical voltages and currents that deviate from the basic shape of the sine wave. Asymmetrical voltages most commonly occur in power regulators such as dimmers, speed controllers, switched-mode regulators, pulsed chargers or electronic controls. Conventional average value measuring devices sometimes show very large measuring errors in such special measuring tasks.

As part of quality assurance, all VOLTCRAFT measuring devices are calibrated in production according to factory standards. This ensures high quality and compliance to the tolerance limits as specified in the technical data of the operating manual.

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