Voith to present cobot-assisted electronic manufacturing solutions at the Avnet booth at electronica 2018

Voith Robotics will showcase advanced system solutions together with Avnet Silica, semiconductor specialist, at this year’s electronica (Munich, Germany, November 13-16), the world’s leading trade fair and conference for the electronics industry. Visitors to Avnet Silica’s main booth, located in hall C5, booth 101, will have the opportunity to see Voith’s easily programmed collaborative robot (cobot) Panda perform automated electronic manufacturing processes for maximum production efficiency.

In keeping with this year’s electronica tagline “Connecting everything – smart, safe & secure” Voith’s Panda was developed with the support of Avnet Silica for easy IIoT and system integration and to safely interact with humans. With high-sensitivity torque sensors throughout its seven joints, the lightweight cobot is able to act with human-like dexterity, enabling it to reliably perform both delicate tasks and robust assembly.

Voith’s robot Panda significantly increases efficiency throughout production, performing tasks with human-like dexterity

As part of the advanced system solutions area, two Panda systems will be shown on the booth. Employing the standard gripper and tailored fingers for skillful object manipulation, the robots perform two use cases. They will either handle electronic boards, carefully inserting them into the testing device or pick passive components placing them into a printed circuit board. This task is supported by a vision system to find the positioning of the components and to correct inaccuracies of the manufacturing belt. Automating these crucial steps helps to significantly increase test coverage while ensuring overall product quality.



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