Voice of IoT Summit in Amsterdam: Voice becomes crucial element of IoT and smart homes

Next week, the Voice of IoT Summit will take place in Amsterdam (7/8 February). The joint industry event of the DECT Forum and the ULE Alliance addresses the latest business and technology developments around the wireless standards DECT and Ultra-Low-Energy (ULE). Voice enabled features and services are becoming crucial for many markets, including the smart home sector. The Voice of IoT Summit will highlight the possibilities for operators, service providers as well as software and hardware manufacturers, and how they can benefit from DECT and ULE technology.

DECT is the de-facto standard for residential and business cordless phone communications. Around the globe, operators have implemented DECT in their networks over the last decades. ULE technology has been developed as an extension of DECT, offering operators the possibility to transform millions of existing DECT installations in homes and businesses into secure, cost-efficient and versatile IoT and smart home gateways. ULE is also the only IoT standard in which voice is embedded.

The first day of the Voice of IoT summit will focus on a high-level conference programme, providing insights and updates of the DECT and ULE industry. The list of topics include “HD Voice – what’s next for voice?”, “IoT – ULE use cases and market deployment” and “Industry 4.0, Audio Professional, E-Health – vertical market for DECT and ULE”. Philip DesAutels, technologist at Howden Joinery, the UK’s largest manufacturer and supplier of fitted kitchens, will speak about how smart kitchens are becoming a part of the smart home thanks to ULE. Samuel Blarre, product manager at Orange, will provide insights on “Smart home anticipation”.

The full programme can be found on www.voice-of-iot-summit.com

The second day of the summit includes working group meetings for members and the General Assembly 2018. Attendance is free of charge for members of the DECT Forum and ULE Alliance.

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