VME64x custom 6U extender card for military application

Verotec had developed a custom 280mm long 6U VME64x extender card for a leading embedded systems company to facilitate testing and debugging of their cards used in a ruggedized military application. The custom extender provides an interface between the standard DIN41612 connectors used in the VME64x-based test system and the high density 160-way female connectors used to connect to the board under test. Each signal track in the 10 layer stripline extender board is protected from crosstalk from adjacent lines with ground track screening and fitted with jumper links to allow interrogation and an additional connector for a logic analyser.

The 2.54 mm pitch high density female connector has round sockets that need a high insertion force to mate them fully home, a requirement driven by the application as the installed equipment is liable to be subject to high g forces and shock and vibration. To ensure that a good connection is made when the card is plugged the extender connectors are mounted to a keyed framework that ensures correct alignment and prevents distortion and possible damage during insertion. To interconnect between the 160-way female connector and the extender board required a custom right angle DIN41612 female connector in the extender that in turn interfaces with the high availability female connector that connects with the board under test.
Commercial Director Tim Armstrong said, “This project is a good example of our ability to modify one of our standard products, a VME64x extender, to create a cost-effective, application-specific solution in a short timescale.”


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