Virtual reality first as Airbus Defence and Space showcases portfolio at DSEI 2015

Airbus Defence and Space will showcase its cutting-edge products, technologies and services using virtual reality in a first at a major show at DSEI at the EXCEL centre in London from 15-18 September.

In an innovative step, its entire stand has been designed around bespoke virtual reality cockpits; and see stand visitors transported into a virtual world wearing Oculus Rift headsets.

Airbus Defence and space has taken the ground-breaking move to create a more compelling customer experience at one of the world’s key defence events. This will also allow it to convey the breadth of its current portfolio across defence, space, military and civil aircraft in a unique way.


Visitors will be invited to experience three scenarios: disaster relief, a virtual air show and even a trip to Mars. The disaster relief scenario features the world-leading Airbus A400M military transporter bringing aid to a small town that has been devastated by an earthquake.

It will demonstrate how effectively the full portfolio can be utilised in aid situations. The user will leave the A400M and move onto a waiting vehicle which will drive them through part of the disaster, en-route to a NATO Deployable Communication and Information Systems (DCIS) tent.  

It will also demonstrate how the Airbus Defence and Space DCIS mobile communications system can help frontline troops from across the world organise and co-ordinate complex missions in theatre where communications have been compromised.

Airbus Defence and Space is on Stand S2 310.

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