Virtex-7 FPGA to be deployed in NEC’s iPASOLINK communication systems

Xilinx has announced that their Virtex-7 FPGA is to be deployed in NEC Corporation’s iPASOLINK millimeter wave communications systems. The iPASOLINK series is an ultra-compact system for building wireless backhaul networks in overseas markets.

The high-performance, high-density Virtex-7 FPGA has helped to enhance the iPASOLINK’s performance and resulted in a size reduction. NEC has leveraged the JESD204 LogiCORE IP to facilitate connections with high-speed AD/DA converters, improving data transfer rates and shortening development time of the overall system.

“NEC provides network systems and services to global customers with assets in both IT and networks,” said Atsushi Noro, deputy general manager of NEC’s Mobile Wireless Solutions Division. “The Virtex-7 device allows us to shorten development time while improving iPASOLINK’s mobile backhaul data transfer rate.”

NEC’s iPASOLINK is small, lightweight, and easy to install, allowing for considerable flexibility of location. Designed to be installed outdoors, the units are waterproof and dustproof and can withstand temperatures ranging from -33°C in winter and 50°C in summer. These attributes contribute to their reliability and make them suitable for use in environmental conditions anywhere in the world.


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