Vicor expands Picor isolated cool-power ZVS DC-DC converter module line up

Vicor Corporation is expanding its ultra-high density Picor Cool-Power PI31xx series of isolated, ZVS-based DC-DC converters that have been optimised for 24 V industrial, 28 V aerospace/defence and/or demanding wide temperature applications. These new converters retain the product series’ signature 0.87″ x 0.65″ x 0.265″ surface-mount package profile to provide up to 334 W/in3 power density and 2,250 V input to output isolation.

At less than 50% the size of a conventional isolated 1/16th brick, Cool-Power PI31xx series converters use an advanced Zero-Voltage Switching (ZVS) architecture and high-performance planar magnetics to enable IC-like density and greater PCB layout flexibility in space-constrained environments. Their high-switching frequency (900 kHz) reduces input filter and output capacitance requirements, helping to further reduce space constraints.

Fully equipped with a variety of programmable features, the PI31xx includes output voltage trimming, programmable soft-start capability, and remote on/off ENABLE. There is also a temperature monitor function, providing an analog output voltage proportional to the internal module temperature.

The PI31xx is self-protected against fault conditions including: input over-voltage, under-voltage lockout, over-temperature, and output over-voltage protection. A constant current limit threshold is employed to protect against short circuit and overload conditions. All fault conditions have an auto-restart function.

When paired with 0.98″ x 0.49″ x 0.18″ Picor QuietPower EMI filters designers are afforded an end-to-end isolated DC-DC conversion and EMI filtering solution. QuietPower filters provide up to 99.5% efficiency and are designed for universal compatibility with high frequency switching DC-DC converters from any manufacturer.

“Used separately or in combination, Cool-Power PI31xx converters and QuietPower EMI filters defy the power density constraints of conventional converters and filters,” said Robert Gendron, Vice President, Picor Semiconductor Power Solutions, Vicor. “Together, they provide an elegant ‘two chip’ solution that makes it considerably easier to design for compact industrial, aerospace/defense, and/or demanding wide temperature applications.”

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