Vicor delivers first ChiP power modules

Vicor Corporation has unveiled the first module utilising its Converter housed in Package (ChiP) power component platform. These new ChiP bus converter modules (BCM) supply 1.2 kW at 48 V with 98% peak efficiency and 115 W/cm3 power density. This performance – 4X the density of competing solutions – enables efficient, high voltage DC distribution infrastructure in datacenter, telecom, and industrial applications.

The ChiP platform leverages advanced magnetic structures that are integrated within high density interconnect (HDI) substrates with power semiconductors and control ASICs, in order to provide improved thermal management supporting enhanced power density. Thermally-adept ChiPs enable customers to achieve low cost power system solutions quickly and predictably.

According to Vicor the advent of ChiPs embodies a modular power system design methodology that will enable designers to achieve high performance, cost-effective power systems from AC or DC sources to the Point of Load using proven building blocks.

“ChiPs will enable power system architects to overcome the power density constraints imposed by conventional power solutions,” said Patrizio Vinciarelli, CEO, Vicor. “ChiPs maximise performance while minimising development cost and time to market, yielding superior solutions with the flexibility and scalability of modular building blocks.”

With a nominal input voltage of 380V and a K-factor of 1/8, these new ChiP BCM fixed-ratio power converters supply an isolated 48V distribution bus with a peak efficiency of 98%. With its input range of 260 to 410 V, the BCM supports outputs ranging from 32.5 V to 51.25 V. BCMs are based on Vicor’s ZCS/ZVS Sine Amplitude Converter topology and operate at a 1.25 MHz switching frequency, providing fast response time and low noise operation.

Offered in the 6123 ChiP package, the new 380 VDC VI Chip BCMs measure 63mm by 23mm, with a height of only 7.3mm. Initially offered as a through-hole device, package options will also include SMD variants. ChiP BCMs may be paralleled to provide multi-kW arrays and are capable of bi-directional operation to support battery backup and renewable energy applications. Standard BCM features include under-over-voltage lockout, over-current, short circuit and over-temperature protection. ChiP BCMs incorporate digital telemetry and control features that can be configured to meet customer requirements.

“The roll-out of high voltage DC distribution infrastructure is yielding reduced power consumption and operational costs for datacom and industrial facilities,” said Stephen Oliver, VP of VI Chip product line, Vicor.


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