Versatile dual-band RFID antennas from HUBER+SUHNER

HUBER+SUHNER have announced a new range of dual-band UHF RFID antennas designed specifically for integration into package and goods identification systems. The Sencity SPOT-L antennas support both European ETSI UHF (865 – 868MHz) and USA/Canadian FCC UHF (902 – 928MHz) RFID bands which allows RFID system designers to develop solutions for a global roll-out.

The new antennas feature a matching tag reading range which, combined with a very low profile (11.5 – 15mm), make them suited for use as a conveyor portal antenna or as an under-belt antenna in RFID system applications including warehousing, industrial automation, distribution, retailing and logistics.

There are two flat panel, Sencity SPOT-L portal antennas in the range which can be placed on the conveyor sides or as a gate. Model 1309.19.0002 measures 773 x 312 x 15mm while 1309.19.0003 measures 480 x 312 x 15mm. The under-belt flat panel antenna, Model 1309.17.0110, measures 1020 x 380 x 11.5mm and can be mounted directly under moving belts.

All three models are left hand circular polarized, DC grounded and come with a cable pigtail. Other key features of interest to system designers include an operating temperature range of -30°C to +50°C, ingress protection to IP54 and shock and vibration resistance to IEC 60721-3-4.



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