Verotec provides the critical infrastructure for the DLS Xspress4 development project

Verotec is supplying bespoke, highly customised KM6-HD-based EMC screened systems to the Diamond Light Source UK national synchrotron science facility. Diamond generates intense beams of synchrotron light at wavelengths ranging from X-rays to the far infrared, used for fundamental investigation into the structure and properties of a wide range of materials including proteins, engineering components, archaeological artefacts and many others. The Verotec systems are used to house the new fourth generation Xspress4 Digital Pulse Processors, an active development project that will provide better resolution and lower background than current systems to achieve very high counting rate per channel/pixel. Xspress4 integrates new DPP hardware and firmware architectures to implement the algorithms to correct the cross talk between many channels in real time.

The Verotec systems are 12U high, 84HP wide and 500mm deep. They feature reverse geometry with 10 off 9U 220 deep ADC boards at the front that plug into a 3U custom backplane at the top and a 1.5U backplane at the bottom of the assembly. Mounted at the rear are 10 off 3U x 220 FPGA modules with more than 1000 high density connector pins in total that plug directly into the ADC boards. With so many pins, the insertion force required to achieve positive mating meant that custom 3D printed retainers, mounted on the two central tie bars, were required to enable the two boards to be bolted together. Three intelligent 2U three-fan trays are mounted in the base; the trays are managed through individual sensors and controller boards that control the left, centre and right hand section of the unit. Three independent 600W PSUs are installed, one provides 48 VDC for the fan trays and the other two generate 5 and 12 VDC for the electronics.

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