Verotec moves its facility again as business continues to expand

After only five years in its previous factory, Verotec has moved its UK operation some 10 miles to new premises in Botley, Southampton. The move was required as the result of continuing and sustained growth in the modified and custom side of the business. The new facility gives twice as much space for the design department, enabling extra CAD seats to be introduced; manufacturing and assembly space on the shop floor for application-specific modified standard products has also been increased. In addition, the £120k+ investment made two years ago in the summer of 2014 in a large bed Datron M8Cube CNC machining centre, which enables complex 3D high precision machining, high volume batch processing and multi-shift operation to be undertaken, is now operating at almost full capacity. A second machine will soon be installed, increasing capacity and reducing delivery times.


Commercial director Tim Armstrong said, “We are very pleased with the progress we have made since our formation in 2007. Our skilled and experienced staff have all relocated to the new premises and our future is looking very positive with a strong order book. As well as our rapidly increasing modified business, where customers appreciate the low cost and ttm reduction that can be achieved by adapting proven standard products to meet their specific requirements, we are working one several new products that will launch in the near future.”

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