Vector Software launches VectorCAST Global Services

Vector Software, a provider of innovative software solutions for testing safety and mission critical embedded applications, has announced the launch of VectorCAST Global Services. The new organisation will be responsible for helping customers implement industry focused, best-practice-based methodologies to improve software quality.

Comprising of embedded software development and test experts, the team will focus on providing complete embedded test solutions that reduce cost, risk and time-to-market for customers.

The VectorCAST Global Services group will offer project consulting, best practices workshops, continuous-test process implementation, and industry standards compliance analysis. The group is focused on mentoring clients for self-sufficiency, while helping them establish repeatable software development and testing processes.

Project consulting services include one-on-one mentoring using the VectorCAST embedded test suite with actual project code. The best practices workshops show organisations how to maximise their return on investment in tools and staff. The continuous test implementation offering enables companies to benefit from recent VectorCAST tool enhancements to create an automated continuous test environment including “change-based testing”.

Finally, for customers working to meet challenging regulatory standards, VectorCAST Global Services will also be able to offer industry standards compliance services that analyse client processes for compliance with standards such as DO-178B/C, DO-254, IEC 61508, ISO 26262, FDA QSM and 510(k), CENELEC and IEC 62304.

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