VARISTAR cabinet tested to the MIL-STD-901D

Pentair has developed a ruggedized version of its Schroff VARISTAR cabinet platform with enhanced vibration resistance to protect sensitive electronic systems in demanding operating conditions encountered during operation at sea. Suitable for use on frigates, aircraft carriers and submarines, the VARISTAR cabinet has been independently tested in accordance to the MIL-STD-901D standard.

The basis of the VARISTAR MIL 901D model is the Seismic/EMC frame, which is built to meet the high demands for robustness and stability required for mobile applications. Four shock absorbers are fitted to the welded base plate and two more are positioned at the top to the rear of the cabinet. The rear panel is divided into three parts: at the top, a robust plate on which the shock absorbers are mounted; in the centre, a standard rear panel; and at the bottom, a connecting plate in stainless steel for cable ducting. The top cover is solid and the front door is provided with a locking mechanism. The shock absorbers used are available in two versions: wire rope springs and elastomer absorbers.

The cabinet features EMC protection (60 dB at 1 GHz, 40 dB at 3 GHz) and IP protection (IP 55). The frame and all cladding parts are both galvanized and powder coated (RAL 7032) to protect them against corrosion (salt air). In addition to the MIL-STD-901D shock test, Pentair will also perform a vibration resistance test to the MIL-STD-167 standard, upon request, with the customer”s electronic systems mounted in the cabinet.

Helping to keep project costs in check through the use of COTS technology, the VARISTAR MIL 901D models is based on Schroff’s VARISTAR and can be modified to specific customer requirements to cope with the rigors of naval applications. Working with Pentair”s partner Socitec Vibrations, which is based in Sartrouville, France, the required shock absorbers are determined and designed individually for each application.


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