Variable Optical Attenuator

LASER COMPONENTS supplies a Variable Optical Attenuator (VOA) with fast attenuation speed, low insertion loss and in-built power meter.

Its advanced power stabilisation function lets you set and maintain the output power stability even when the input power fluctuates, and is available in a range of wavelengths to suit a wide range of applications.

Our MATRIQ products are extremely compact and housed in a robust metallic case to help you make the most of your available bench space. Its stackable, space-saving design and intuitive software controls make it a valued addition to the optical lab or test bench.  The unit eliminates the need for an extra power meter with the built-in power monitoring capability and allows the user to know the actual power coming out of the attenuator, all from the VOA.

The fast attenuation speed minimises the down time during changes in attenuation settings to shorten your overall test time.  With the built-in closed-loop power monitoring, the VOA can operate in the constant power output mode to stabilise fluctuating input power. COHESIONUI makes it simple to control VOA from your PC or mobile device.  Its cutting-edge design offers a sleek modern interface, cross device compatibility, customisable views, and remote network access.  Connect with USB or LAN for simple setup and operation.

Its wide coverage of operational wavelengths makes the VOA essential for a wide variety of applications such as instrument power calibration, BER testing, EDFA gain linearity test and optical power budget analysis.

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