VadaTech offers new 950W MicroTCA power module in single width size

VadaTech, a manufacturer of embedded boards and complete application-ready platforms, is now offering a new power module compliant to the MicroTCA.0 specification that boasts up to 950W of DC power. This is over 150W more power than any same-sized (single width) module in the industry, including VadaTech’s first generation UTC010 unit.

The UTC020 power module comes in a single width (approximately 75mm wide), full size (6 HP) and runs at 95% efficiency at full load. The dual -36V to -75V DC input module supports module redundancy and has two banks of 256K flash. Multiple temperature sensors on-board monitor over-temp conditions within the module via dual IPMI bus and the current is continuously measured for each of the modules and the reports to the MicroTCA Carrier Hub (MCH) any faults.

The power module features front panel LEDs for indicating the status for all AMCs (12 slots), 2 MCH, and 2 Cooling Units. There are also blue, amber, green, and red LEDs as status indicators of the power module. The front panel further includes a serial port for diagnostics.

VadaTech offers other MicroTCA power modules in AC and DC as well as double-width formats to 1000 watts. The company also provides MicroTCA MCH modules, test and development products, chassis platforms, AMCs, and application-ready platforms.


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