V-TAC launch new special edition LED filament collection

Available in a wide range of designs and sizes, V-TAC has launched a new collection of vintage-style LED filament bulbs which recreate the traditional amber warmth and charm of classic lightbulbs, while using a fraction of the energy.

From a cosy 3w/150 lumens right up to 10w/1055 lumens, there are ‘modern’ bulbs to suit every mood and task. They have a comprehensive range of vintage design filament bulbs to shapes of all kinds, viz; T30, A60, ST64, globe series, candle flame, candle, twisted candle, P45 as well as a range of bulb covers such as frost, white, clear and amber.

Furthermore, a lot of these models have dimmable options as well as an A++ rating. V-TAC, the innovative LED lighting brand, continues to set the standard by making the latest styles, designs and technology more affordable.

Dinesh Sajnani, CEO of V-TAC said: “The new filament bulbs are both classy and atmospheric, but still amazingly efficient. Unlike most lightbulbs they are designed to be seen and so they are perfect for all types of light fittings in homes, restaurants, hotels and anywhere else where the ambience really matters. V-TAC’s attention to details means our bulbs have both great longevity and efficiency, our wide range of stylish designs makes V-TAC a one-stop shop for any customer with any order. Plus, with over 10,000,000 units in stock at any one time, the filament bulbs will be available for large quantity purchases.”


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