V-TAC launch new LED Nano-Plastic T8 LED Tube

Available in either 60cm, 120cm or 150cm lengths, V-TAC, the innovative LED lighting brand, have launched the new A++ LED Nano-Plastic T8 LED Tube – setting a new standard in energy-efficient LED lighting. 


This NEW revolutionary lighting solution, which is GS approved, showcases a Nano-Plastic shell allowing for better light transmittance. 


Available in either 10w, 18w, 22w or 24w the tubes generate a surprising amount of light for the energy they use – for example the 60cm produces 1,200 lumens while the 120cm and 150cm produce 2,300 and 3,000 lumens respectively. With a shell less than 0.5mm thick, the light emitted is softer and spreads more evenly, diffusing any glare, while the internal convection holes prevent the build-up of heat, increasing the lamp life and decreasing monthly costs. 


Coming in at the same price as a glass LED tube, the Nano-Plastic material makes it extremely tough and can flex without breaking.


Dinesh Sajnani, CEO of V-TAC says, “The new A++ Nano-Plastic material is both durable and practical, not only does it have super thermal conductivity, it also emits a better quality of light and is virtually unbreakable. Plus, it is a complete retro fit – meaning it’s easy to install – all you have to do is remove the old starter and replace it with the new starter provided with the tube – and it’s compatible with non-electronic ballast.”



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