V-Lock: plug-retention safeguard for IEC appliance inlets and cord sets

SCHURTER is continually expanding its standard line of power-inlet connectors and cord sets for the V-Lock system. More than 50 appliance power-inlet connectors and power entry modules as well as more than 40 power cables with various plugs, lengths and current ratings are available from stock. For applications in medical technology, power cables in white and in “American Hospital Grade” are also available.

V-Lock guarantees that a power cable cannot be inadvertently pulled out of an equipment. With this system, the cord connector is equipped with a pin that interlocks with a special notch in the appliance inlet. The press of a finger on the release lever then frees the interlock. V-Lock is easily recognized due to its bright yellow color, a feature that makes it easy to identify this scheme and clearly distinguishes it from conventional power inlet-plug/socket systems. The V-Lock locking system can be integrated into appliance couplers in compliance with IEC 60320 for rated currents of 10 A and 16 A. A key advantage is that there is no need to attach and adapt a clamping system or retaining bracket specific to a unit’s power socket.

Plug retention is extremely useful everywhere there is the possibility that power could be unintentionally interrupted, whether caused by a unit’s mobile design, vibrations, the unit being moved or improper use by operating personnel. Typical applications include: medical equipment, laboratory and analysis instruments, telecom and IT equipment, industrial robots, power outlet strips and equipment in TV or radio studios. V-Lock is available with black or white power cables.

To address applications in the medical area, SCHURTER also offers power entry modules with medical filters and fuse holders as well as improved protection against accidental contact. For these applications are V-Lock power cords available that meet the requirements of “American Hospital Grade”.

Technical features:

– 10 A and 16 A IEC equipment power couplings

– Power extension cables

– Large variety of appliance power-inlet connectors and sockets as well as power entry modules with and without power-line filters

– Special designs for applications in medical technology

– No need for to assemble additional parts and thus no associated expense


V-Lock Microsite


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