USB3.0 Mid-Reverse Connectors

In low profile applications where height above and below the PCB are key Global Connector Technology offer mid bottom mount USB3.0 connectors.

USB3.0 full size connectors are mounted as standard on the top side of the PCB. GCT’s innovative reverse connectors allow mounting on the bottom of the PCB, the connectors sits in a cut out on the PCB minimising height, critical for slim designs such as tablets, notepads and other hand held device.  Receptacle insulators have perfect orientation to allow normal cable assembly plug mating with USB symbol facing upwards.

USB1115 with cutaway face is perfect for angled panels, with an ultraslim 5.4mm body height.
USB1110 is mounted below the PCB, while the bulk of the connector sits above the PCB.

Both connectors are packed in tape and reel and are suitable for high temperature processes.

To speed up your design download drawings, 3D models and specifications from our website.
Call today to discuss your USB3.0 design requirements, or visit to see why GCT should be your supplier of choice for USB connectors.

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