USB hubs from Powersolve charge and sync multiple devices

Powersolve has launched two USB charging hubs designed to charge and sync up to 20 USB devices simultaneously. This includes tablet PCs, smartphones or any USB compliant device.

The PSUSB-10CH will charge and sync up to 10 USB devices simultaneously while the PSUSB-20CH can handle up to 20. In addition, both are ideal for automated duplication tasks such as programming USB memory sticks. As a result they are expected to find wide application in schools, offices or businesses where multiple charging and data transfer is required.

Up to three 10 port hubs can be connected in cascade to provide as many as 30 USB ports while two 20 port hubs can be cascaded to provide up to 40 USB ports.

Designed to be compatible with all USB compliant devices, the new hubs support high speed (480Mbps), full speed (12Mbps) and low speed (1.5Mbps) operation. The PSUSB-10CH 10 port hub features a charging current of 2A while the PSUSB-20CH provides 1.1A.

Over current detection and protection is standard as is protection against surge and ESD. Front panel LEDs provide charge and sync information for each port.

Both units come with an external 150W desk-top power supply and input data cable as standard.


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