Upgrading ATE test stations with Intepro

Intepro Systems can help add longevity to existing electronics test systems by facilitating the replacement of test hardware without impacting test procedures or testing programs, according to the company. This offers users the ability to upgrade components without additional software or fixture costs.

“A customer’s main investment in a test solution is the fixture and test programs. Our engineers work to improve the existing equipment and framework to upgrade existing solutions and improve the system’s performance without sacrificing current investment.” Says Ger Sheehan, one of Intepro’s lead engineers.

Intepro systems have the capability of improving performance and maintaining current reliability of long-lived equipment through upgrades and preventive maintenance, while maintaining existing parameters and keeping existing TPS and fixtures. In addition to reducing the need for additional downtime and training, Intepro can assist in maintaining existing workflow, while at the same time making key improvements to test systems, providing additional levels of reliability. This, in turn, can improve performance so existing systems adjust to the needs of additional input/output demands and updated key measurement throughput.

Products available from Intepro include bi-directional DC power supplies and auto-ranging sources up to 1.9MW, programmable AC sources and regenerative sources, up to 2MW. Programmable AC sources and regenerative loads up to 2MVA, programmable loads up to 1.9MW and regenerative DC loads up to 1.9MW

Intepro offers test system users “Programming without Coding” from its PowerStar Software which provides drag and drop sequencing for more than 100 tests and has built-in obsolesce management.

Intepro Systems mission is to provide innovative power test instruments and systems that solve customer’s unique power testing challenges by using their expertise in high energy and analogue environments to create affordable solutions. Intepro also provide software, training, support, applications assistance, hardware and software maintenance.



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