Up to 24 optical links @ 12 Gbps : new high-speed high-density optical mezzanine cards.

TECHWAY optical FMC range provides unique high-density, high-speed optical communications in industrial or rugged format to address the requisites of embedded computers. Its features the cutting-edge optical technologies such as D-Lightsys® from RADIALL for WildcatFMC series and FireFlyTM from SAMTEC for TigerFMC series. These optical mezzanine cards already reach 14 Gbps and will soon surpass their limits to reach 28 Gbps per link.

WildcatFMC are dedicated to high-bandwidth data communication in harsh environments.

The WildcatFMC range achieves to manage up to 24 channels @ 12 Gbps, organized in 24 TX or 24 RX or 12RX+12TX, available in air cooled or conduction cooled formats.

TigerFMC are dedicated to high-bandwidth data communication in industrial environments.

The TigerFMC range achieves to manage up to 12 channels @ 14 Gbps, organized in 10TX+10RX or 12RX+12TX formats.

WildcatFMC and TigerFMC optical communications boards are compliant with the FMC 57.1 and the new FMC+ 57.4 VITA standards.

For more information, please visit : www.techway.eu

TECHWAY contact information :

  • +33 1 64 53 37 90


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