UNIPOWER unveils redundant power systems for high-end servers

Each system consists of two power modules housed in a single chassis/backplane and models are available that provide output power levels from 280W up to 700W. The systems offer five output voltages – 3.3, 5, 12, and -12V as well as 5VSB and all but one is 1U high. The 700W AGL9233-R2U system is housed in a 2U high enclosure.

The power systems provide for hot-swap/redundant functionality of the AC/DC power supply while the backplane’s DC/DC regulators feature reliability levels measured in millions of hours to support high-reliability applications.

Key features of each system include universal AC input voltages with active PFC, a wide operating temperature range, variable speed fans, PMBus serial communications and international approvals and Class B Emissions.


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