Ultrahaptics nominated for WIRED Audi Innovation Award

Ultrahaptics, specialists in mid-air touchless haptic technology, has been shortlisted for the Innovation in Experience Design at the WIRED Audi Innovation Awards. The category is dedicated to highlighting the best innovations in design that shape how end users interact with the world, particularly in the areas of VR and AR. An independent panel made up of journalists and VR specialists will judge the category, and the award will be presented at a ceremony in November. 


Ultrahaptics has developed a technology that enables users to feel without touching, using ultrasound to project virtual shapes and textures directly onto the users’ hands or fingertips, without the need for peripheral accessories such as gloves. In the world of VR and AR, the technology can be used to offer users a direct interaction with the virtual world they are immersed in, without breaking the bubble of the reality. The company, founded in 2013, has engaged with tier one partners around the globe to bring this new interface into our everyday lives. 


‘Today’s AR and VR solutions rely on audio-visual technology for their immersive qualities,’ said Tom Carter, CTO and founder of Ultrahaptics. ‘But touch is essential to feel like you are really able to explore, actively engaging your senses to bring a virtual world to life. Our technology can be used to break down these barriers and offer an all-encompassing experience.’



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