Ultra-wide sunlight readable displays for outdoor applications

Display Solutions has introduced the SSF2845 ultra wide, sunlight readable display. An innovative display it offers high brightness capabilities, resulting in maximum visibility in even the brightest conditions. Suitable for a large range of outdoor environments, the SSF2845 is designed for use across digital signage, public transportation, exhibition hall, retail, vending and industrial applications.

The SSF2845 from Litemax Electronics is an LED backlit LCD panel with high brightness levels of 1000 cd/m2 and a wide aspect ratio of 16:3. Featuring a (DVI and VGA) display controller and LED driver, the monitor can display high-quality digital video and computer graphic images in an energy efficient manner through its low power consumption design of just 29.8W.

“Real world applications for this screen include information display systems at bus stops and railway stations,” comments Brendan O’Reilly, product manager at Display Solutions. “The combination of sunlight readability and excellent size makes the SSF2845 ideal for many outdoor and rugged environments.”

The ultra-wide 28” design offers a wide viewing angle both vertically and horizontally. It has a generous resolution of 1920 x 357 pixels and can display vivid colour videos in the brightest of light. In addition to its sunlight readable capabilities, the monitor also features high shock and vibration resistance to ensure reliable operation in severe surroundings. The SSF2845 reliability is estimated with a half-brightness lifetime of 70khrs.

“Our partnership with Litemax Electronics opens up a wide portfolio of innovative products for our customers in terms of high brightness, sunlight readable displays. The SSF2845 is already garnering particular interest with system integrators looking for a reliable and advanced display solution,” adds O’Reilly.



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