Ultra-wide broadband dielectric mirrors

To complement the wide range of high performance optical coatings, LASER COMPONENTS is pleased to be working alongside Omega Optical to provide ultra-wide broadband dielectric mirrors. With a >99.5 per cent average reflectivity over the spectral range 350nm to 1800nm, the ultra-wide series offers the best performance on the market with a uniformly high reflectivity over angles of incidence of 0-30° and 30-50°.


These mirrors are produced using a plasma-assisted reactive magnetron sputtering process, giving a high physical durability and temperature and humidity stability. Custom coating and substrate designs are available, allowing for optimisation within a specific range or coating on convex or concave substrates.


Ultra-wide, broadband dielectric mirrors have many advantages in applications such as astronomy, beam steering, solar collectors, low-light applications and any other optical systems requiring high efficiency across a broad spectral range.



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