u-blox at the core of barrier-free technology

WHILL KK., a Japanese company specialised in innovative products for the mobility industry, has launched a new revolutionary wheelchair for personal mobility featuring cloud connectivity based on a 3G cellular module from u-blox, a global leader in wireless and positioning modules and chips.


The next-generation WHILL Model C embodies the next generation of power wheelchairs for enhanced mobility. It is a personal electric vehicle that combines a sleek design with the latest innovative functionalities, enabling users to live an active lifestyle. Sturdy and compact with two powerful electric motors and patented front Omni-wheels, it maneuvers equally well indoors and outdoors.  


The u-blox 3G cellular module embedded in WHILL Model C features worldwide UMTS/HSPA and GPRS/EDGE coverage with a small footprint also enabling easy and cost-effective bolting-on of a u-blox GNSS receiver such as the MAX-7C.


“WHILL believes in providing “Fun and Smart Transportation for Everybody”, and develops personal mobility devices that excel in design, comfort, safety and the latest technologies. u-blox’s state-of-the-art, but also affordable, cellular technologies were just what we needed,” says Nishiki Hinohara, electrical engineer at WHILL KK. 


“We are very proud of being featured in the WHILL Model C wheelchair. The collaboration with WHILL KK. should help us strengthen our position in the Japanese market as a key player for healthcare applications where numerous complementary technologies are necessary,” explains Tesshu Naka, country manager of u-blox Japan.


As WHILL KK is looking into autonomous driving for people with disabilities, u-blox plans to contribute with wireless positioning and connectivity technology.



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