Two new Panasonic aluminium electrolytic capacitor ranges now available from TTI

Two new ranges of aluminium electrolytic capacitors from Panasonic are now available from TTI Inc. The FR Series of aluminium electrolytic capacitors has been designed for applications that require ultra-low ESR, an extended product life, and are tight on space. The V-ZA is a new conductive speciality hybrid capacitor.

The FR series has been developed using improved materials technology resulting in up to 30% increased capacitance over Panasonic”s current comparable product, the FM series.

In addition, the Series has up to 100% longer product life (up to 10,000h at 105degC). They have a rated voltage range of 6.3V – 63V and a capacitance range of 4.7µF – 8200µF. These FR aluminium electrolytic capacitors are also small and compact, measuring only Ø5x11mm – Ø16x25mm. Suitable applications include adapter and power supply switching, LCD backlights, LED applications and devices requiring an extended product life.

The other series, the Panasonic V-ZA is a conductive speciality hybrid capacitor which combines the low ESR characteristics of speciality polymer capacitors and the advantage of low leakage current.

Compact in design, they also offer the high reliability advantage of speciality polymers and the safety of aluminium electrolytic capacitors. Technical specifications include: a capacitance range of 10µF – 330µF; a temperature range between -55degC and +105degC, a rated voltage range of 25VDC to 80VDC. Suitable applications include telecommunication base stations, switching power supplies, DC/DC converters, automotive equipment, industrial electronics, smart meters and many others.


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