TV One begins shipping CORIOmaster mini

TV One, a designer and manufacturer of video and multimedia processing equipment, has begun shipping the new CORIOmaster mini, the industry’s first all-in-one videowall processor. The mini allows a single all-in-one system to perform a range of video tasks simultaneously, including: real-time 360° video rotations, and multi projector edge blending.

This combination plus the mini’s software upgradeability is intended to ensure that customers are able to maximise the long-term value of their videowall investment. It is the industry’s first videowall processor to fit up to 12 High Density Universal DVI or 10 HDBaseT and 2 High Density Universal DVI ports in a 1RU frame, controlling full-scale 3×3 video walls without a rack’s worth of discrete video components. TV One is supporting the roll out of this powerful processor with full training, ensuring that users are aware of and can access its full capabilities.

According to Steven Mattingly, President, TV One, “Our vision in creating the CORIOmaster mini was to set users minds free to imagine. Even highly challenging, processor-intensive actions like rotating high resolution video smoothly around an axis are easy within the compass of this very small but very powerful unit. We’d like to encourage our customers to dream big and push CORIOmaster to its absolute limit. Like its big brother, the mini achieves stunning performance through the patented TV One Parallel Processing Architecture.”

The CORIO Parallel Video Processing Architecture uses patented CORIO video processors with up to 10 independent video scaling engines. This is a radical design which supports up to 23 billion video matrix calculations per second. To ensure optimal parallel bandwidth, video transfers between the CORIO video layer(s) and video I/O processors occur at an industry-leading 4 Gigabits per second per I/O channel.

The CORIOmaster mini also delivers Real Time Video Quality with a less than two frame signal delay from input to output, regardless of video resolution and frame rates. Only CORIO technology can massively parallelise video tasks to deliver the highest quality video possible at ultra-low latency.

Universal DVI I/O modules support the full range of analogue and digital formats as well as universal conversion to virtually any HD or PC resolution. The CORIOmaster mini design further supports HDBaseT, 3G/HD/SD-SDI and future Cross-Fade and 4K output modules. This versatility will give users greater flexibility to configure the mini to meet every videowall need.


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