TTI Europe now stocking new rugged Amphenol A Series connectors

Amphenol’s new A Series environmentally-sealed connectors are now available from TTI Inc. Suitable for heavy-duty applications in harsh environments, including agricultural, alternative energy, automotive, marine and military equipment, Amphenol A Series connectors are fully compatible with other existing industry-standard products. The A Series is field-serviceable, enabling fast diagnostic and saving down time.

The A Series interconnects feature Amphenol Sine Systems RockSolid Contact technology and their design incorporates an integral latching system to ensure definitive electrical and mechanical connection.  The RoHS-compliant thermoplastic connector housings provide dielectric/mechanical properties and are highly durable, with excellent UV resistance.  Protection against environmental ingress is provided by an advanced sealing system consisting of a front and rear silicon multi-sealing perimeter.

Four different ranges are available within the A Series product line: the AT Series and ATP Series, AHD Series and ATM Series, which together offer a wide choice of plug and receptacle styles, number of positions, contact sizes, AWG sizes and voltages.

A number of optional modifications are available to meet special application requirements, including the AT Strain Relief Series, which offers specially-designed wire cavities to protect each individual wire seal, eliminating stress on the rear seal and meeting IP67 sealing requirements.

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