TT Electronics offers new sensor for transportation electronic power steering

TT Electronics’ Sensing and Control division has expanded its series of sensors for electronic power steering (EPS) applications. The new Magnetorque Plus combines TT Electronics’ proven non-contacting torque sensor with a multi-turn position sensor in a single package. The integrated and fully calibrated design is significant in that it provides engineers with an integrated solution for measuring torque and steering wheel angle.

The new Magnetorque Plus is designed to support the increasing demand for EPS systems across several sectors in the transportation market. Studies have shown that EPS systems contribute to a 3% to 4% reduction in fuel consumption, driving their use in passenger cars, off road, utility and recreational vehicles. Designed with a modular approach, Magnetorque Plus sensors can be customised for unique requirements in different applications.

“The Magnetorque Plus is a result of collaboration with customers to support the requirements for a complete torque and position sensing solution. TT Electronics’ integrated approach is smaller, lighter and, we believe, more cost effective than alternatives using two separate sensors, while the fully calibrated solution simplifies the route to EPS system design,” said TH Swee, Global Product Line Director within TT Electronics’ Sensing and Control division.

The Magnetorque Plus torque and position sensing functions are based on Hall Effect technology allowing a truly non-contact design that maximises mechanical durability to support a minimum lifetime of 1 million shaft rotations without degradation of electrical outputs. Dual torque outputs allow accurate diagnostic calculations and availability of custom output slopes.

Unlike many other steering sensors on the market, the Magnetorque Plus is able to offer multi-turn capability, which provides the absolute position of the steering wheel at any time. Instant output at “power-on” provides several benefits, including enhanced accuracy and no standby current. The position output provides absolute multi-turn position information up to ±900° of rotation.

The Magnetorque Plus is fully calibrated and compensated and is easy to assemble to the steering shaft with a simple interface to system controllers. Magnetorque sensors can be re-programmed for offset to accommodate adjustments to the system’s mechanical tolerances, allowing customers to optimise system tolerance for simpler assembly and greater control.

The Magnetorque Plus sensor is available now with pricing dependent on volume.

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