TT Electronics Debuts Vox Modular Configurable Power Supply Solutions

TT Electronics, a global provider of engineered electronics for performance critical applications, today announced a new distribution agreement with Vox Power that will broaden TT’s power supply portfolio to include user-configurable solutions and the most compact modular units in the world.

“With these power supplies from Vox Power, TT adds a brand-new category to our growing offering and strengthens our capacity to serve customers in the medical and industrial spaces,” said Susan Cervenak, Director of Sales, TT Electronics. “The ability to quickly customise and tailor a power supply is crucial to expediting today’s fast-paced product launches and upgrades; with this agreement, we are well equipped to do just that.”

The Vox Power product offering includes the VCCM600 series, which features 600 watts in a conduction cooled, fan-less architecture. The NEVO+ high density modular range is also available in 600 watts and 1200 watts of configurable power in the smallest, lightest packages on the market. Modular configurable power solutions are typically used in medical equipment, lasers, robotics, automation, and other pioneering applications.

“Our modular products offer customers the freedom and flexibility to configure a custom power solution for virtually any single or multiple output voltage application requiring up to 16 individual outputs,” said David Carley, Head of Vox Power Business Development.  “With TT’s global reach and expertise in medical and industrial power supplies, design engineers now have wider access to all our solutions.”

Together, TT Electronics and Vox Power are dedicated to offering global customers a distinct competitive advantage through a commitment to cutting-edge design and uncompromising quality. For further information or to place an order for the Vox Power products please contact TT Electronics.

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