Trillium announces acquisition of CanBusHack Inc.

Trillium Inc, a leading automotive cybersecurity solutions provider, today announced its acquisition of the assets of cybersecurity consulting firm CanBusHack, Inc. Established in 2010, CanBusHack is the oldest automotive cybersecurity consulting and penetration testing company in the world. It is widely recognised as an industry leader thanks to its broad portfolio of successful projects with major OEM and Tier1 customers around the world.


Trillium made the announcement during the annual DEF CON hacker convention, being held at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada, from July 27 – 30. Trillium’s automotive cybersecurity technology is under attack in the Car Hacking Village by the hacker community, who were offered the challenge of compromising Trillium’s BrainBOX and SecureCAR Server platform — as part of the Car Hacking Village“s “Capture the Flag” competition. 


‘The addition of CanBusHack’s Red Team and penetration testing expertise is a perfect fit for Trillium, and adds to our already robust range of cybersecurity products, services and training capabilities,’ says Trillium president and CEO, David M. Uze. ‘Now, in addition to providing customers with tools and systems to ward off cyber-attacks, we can also help identify weaknesses early to reduce network vulnerabilities prior to commercial system deployment.’


The combination of CanBusHack’s sophisticated ‘Red Team’ and Trillium’s advanced ‘Blue Team’ expertise is expected to deliver a 100 per cent IP accretive environment for developing advanced vehicular cybersecurity systems.


As a result of the acquisition, CanBusHack president and founder Robert Leale will join Trillium as its global consulting practice director, and be deeply involved with Trillium’s cybersecurity product development roadmap. He will also assume responsibility for building Trillium’s worldwide capabilities in cybersecurity consulting and penetration testing.


Mr. Leale and his team will proactively work with Trillium’s IoT and automotive customers on an on-going basis to identify and prevent ‘Zero-Day’ exploits, ensuring that Trillium’s customers remain among the safest on the planet. ‘I’m thrilled about this opportunity to join Trillium’s world-class team and contribute to making it the global leader in automotive IoT penetration testing and vehicular cybersecurity consulting,’ said Mr. Leale.


Trillium at DEF CON

Meet Trillium at DEF CON in the Car Hacking Village, where professional and hobbyist car hackers will work together to provide hands-on, interactive car hacking learning, talks and interactive contests. Trillium will be offering private demonstrations by request in its suite at Caesars Palace, so please contact us at to learn more and schedule a session.

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