Transonics extend range of Eon high security flash memory

The new devices are the EN29GA064H/L-70BAIP (64Mb), EN29GA128H/L-70BAIP (128Mb), EN29GA256H/L-90BAIP (256Mb), EN25QA32/EN25QA64 (32/64Mb) and the EN25QA128-104BBIP (128Mb).

The key feature of these new devices is the high security protection of programmed data which is achieved using the Persistent Protection Bits (PPB) function. Each PPB is individually programmed and there is no PPB Erase command. These devices also have Nagra approval which is required for Set Top Box and Pay TV applications.

The EON range is also suitable for many other applications including POS terminals, Smart Meters, and hand held equipment where customers need to protect their code to avoid unexpected modification or unauthorised copying.

These devices are available on a 5 week lead-time and continued availability is assured by Eon who has a long-term roadmap for new products in this family. Eon is currently developing 65nm technology for future products.


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