TouchNetix gains automotive qualification for its aXiom family of touchscreen controller ICs

TouchNetix, a manufacturer of high-performance touchscreen controller ICs, has announced that its aXiom AX112 user interface chip has gained qualification to the Automotive Electronics Council’s AEC-Q100-6 standard, validating the device’s use in applications such as the central information display in passenger cars and other types of vehicles.

The aXiom AX112, which integrates touchscreen sensing, hover sensing, force sensing and the control of haptic responses in a single chip, is available today in production volumes.

The aXiom family of UX controllers draws on fundamental innovations in both analog and digital technology to provide more than 100 times the sensitivity of traditional touchscreen controllers, and to offer industry-leading EMC performance..

Automotive manufacturers are using the unique capabilities of the aXiom AX112 touchscreen controller IC to develop radically improved display-based UXs for the next generation of vehicles. Touchscreens based on the AX112 can support innovative features such as pre-select, zoom-on-approach, dial-on-display, and integrated haptic feedback without the need for additional hardware. The AX112 also supports the operation of touchscreens with variable thickness and curved 3D surfaces in plastic up to 15mm thick.

Now the availability of an AEC-Q100 qualified AX112 in production volumes enables automotive manufacturers to commit to ramping up production of AX112-based display modules from as early as the start of 2022.

TouchNetix is also expanding its offering of touchscreen UX chips for automotive applications: the AX54, AX80 and AX198 are all available for sampling, and will undergo AEC-Q100 qualification during 2022.

Chris Ard, managing director of TouchNetix, said: ‘The AX112 has totally transformed the ability of vehicle manufacturers to build UXs which operate reliably in the automotive environment, which are safer for the driver to use, and which respond in a way which is intuitive to users. Every other touchscreen controller used in mass-production vehicles today is a repurposed consumer device – only the AX112 was built from the ground up for automotive and industrial use, and this is reflected in its superior performance, feature set and reliability.’


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