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Total Frequency control Limited is an electronic Components company that has been active since 1988; with 28 years of experience and expertise in the frequency control field, TFC subsequently became involved in manufacturing, with a majority shareholding in facilities in Scotland (RFX) and Canada (Laptech Precision Inc). And act as agents for River Electronics a world leader in miniature smd technology based in Asia.

Manufacturing includes High Precision Quartz products from Laptech Precision Inc and precision oscillator products from RFX Limited. Laptech precision Inc’s products include, SC cut and AT cut resonators, QCM products and extremely high precision materials Lapping and Polishing. RFX Limited’s products include OCXO, TCXO and VCXO oscillators along with phase locked Frequency Standards.

TFC Products provide an extensive range of Inductive Components with Air Wound Coils, Moulded Coils, Chip Inductors, Screened and Moulded R.F. Coils, smd Power Inductors, Toroid Coils, Noise Suppression Modules and Ferrite beads. A select range of Miniature smd Clock Oscillators, OCXO, TCXO and VCXO are also provided to complement the manufactured range.

Each of the companies works to an Integrated Management Systems and have ISO9001: 2008 registration, all products are REACH and RoHS compliant.

For our full product range and services, please visit our website at . We are taking this opportunity to show case some of our products.

TFC has a wide range of adjustable coils, which are used in FM radio, satellite receiver, car navigation systems, and cable TV and CATV applications. Also ideal for use in oscillator circuits, TFC’s adjustable coils can be custom wound and manufactured with short lead times to meet sample and production requirements and have competitive pricing for volume applications.

These inductors offer a very wide inductance range and multiple choice of model size and frequency of operation and can be used for generic replacements. Choices of either Standard or Custom Wound, tuneable shielded or unshielded. The products provide a high Q component with good resistance to shock and vibration with moulded variants and a range of core materials including carbonyl, ferrite, aluminium and brass.

Adjustable coil windings may be close wound or space wound and the enclosures of leaded or smd variants. When using ferrite or carbonyl cores, minimum inductance is measured with the core in a mid-position within the bobbin. When using aluminium or brass cores, the maximum inductance is measured with the core half way out of the bobbin.

Our range is listed on our website:

One of our biggest achievements was our GPS stabilized oscillator, released in 2012. This particular oscillator measured (1.6 x 1.3 x 0.41) inches, which would be classed as miniature in this industry for this type of product. The high precision GPS disciplined Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillator was designed to ensure extreme accuracy derived from satellite GPS control and the inherent accuracy of its internal precision OCXO which was made to rival a Caesium standard at a fraction of the cost. This oscillator has evolved from a former successful military design and unlike the previous Aluminum housed design this was an SMD version with a much smaller footprint. In addition this particular Oscillator is available with a Demo Broad with NMEA reception available over RS232 serial interface, which provides enhanced capability for the system designer.


TFC supply a wide range of smd quartz crystals to industry worldwide in volume, R&D and prototype quantities and both standard and custom frequencies.

Applications include automotive such as the Keyless entry systems, engine management, smart credit cards, animal tracking systems, telecommunications and digital instrumentation. Size ranges from (1.6 x 1.0) mm up to (8.0 x 2.3) mm in standard and custom frequencies.

This range includes the latest sub-miniature crystals produced by River Electronics, manufacturer of the smallest micro crystals in the world, along with the ubiquitous 32.768kHz crystal, which they reduced to the unbelievable footprint of (1.6 x 1.0)mm with a height of just 0.5mm. This latest product has been developed also for the use in smart card applications where the crystal is imbedded within the thickness of the card as part of the control and security circuit. These micro crystals are also manufactured from (12 ~ 80)MHz as smd AT cut fundamental designs in packages from (1.2 x 1.0)mm and just 0.33mm tall and oscillators from (1.5 ~ 400)MHz with packages ranging from (1.6 x 1.2)mm and 0.7mm in height.

Our full crystal range is available on our website:

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