Toshiba takes high-speed inverter switching IGBT to 1350V

The N-channel ‘enhancement mode’ GT40RR21 saves space and component count by combining an IGBT and a reverse recovery freewheeling diode into a single, compact monolithic device. Suitable for high-temperature operation, target applications for the IGBT include induction heating and induction cooking appliances.

The new device supports very high-speed operation and can handle peak pulse currents as high as 200A for 3µs. Low turn-off switching losses – typically 0.30mJ at a case temperature (Tc) of 25ºC and 0.54mJ at a Tc of 125ºC – ensure high-efficiency operation.

The 1350V GT40RR21 is designed to operate with junction temperatures up to 175ºC. At 25ºC maximum collector current is 40A, and this falls by only 5A at a temperature of 100ºC. Typical saturation voltage at 25ºC (VCS(sat)) is only 2.0V. Maximum diode forward voltage/current is rated at 3.0V/20A.

Supplied in a TO-3P(N), TO247-equivalent package, the GT40RR21 measures just 15.5mm x 20.0mm x 4.5mm. Engineering samples are available now and mass production is scheduled for Q3 2012.

Toshiba Electronics Europe

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