Toshiba Releases New 100V N-Channel Power MOSFET for Automotive Applications

Toshiba Electronics Europe GmbH has released a new 100V N-channel power MOSFET suitable for automotive equipment applications such as load switches, switching power supplies and driving of motors.

The new XK1R9F10QB is the first available device in Toshiba’s new U-MOS X-H series of MOSFETs with a trench structure, and is fabricated with the company’s latest generation process. Encapsulated within a low-resistance TO-220SM(W) package, it delivers industry-leading levels of ON-resistance (RDS(on)) with a maximum value of 1.92mΩ at a VGS of 10V. This represents an improvement / reduction of approximately 20% when compared to current devices such as the TK160F10N1L, thereby helping to reduce power consumption and increasing efficiency in automotive applications. The XK1R9F10QB also exhibits reduced switching noise, due to the optimization of its capacitance characteristics, which helps to reduce EMI.

The new device can withstand a drain-source voltage (VDSS) of 100V and is rated for a continuous drain current (ID) of 160A, or 480A if pulsed (IDP). The device can be operated with a channel temperature of 175ºC and has a channel-to-case thermal impedance (Zth(ch-c)) of less than 0.4ºC/W, improving thermal performance.

The XK1R9F10QB is qualified to AEC-Q101 for automotive applications and a PSpice model is freely available to assist with rapid simulation.

Mass production shipments of the new device start today.

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