Toshiba launches new low input current-type transistor photocouplers

Toshiba Electronics Europe (TEE) has launched new low input current-type transistor output photocouplers housed in ultra-miniature SO6 and SO4 packages. The TLP182, TLP183, TLP292, TLP293 support operation in temperatures of up to 125°C, allowing reliable use in compact switching power supplies, home appliances and industrial devices such as PLCs, inverters and other devices where they could be exposed to high temperatures.

By employing Toshiba’s high-output LEDs, the photocouplers ensure high current transfer ratios of up to 600% both at conventional input currents of 5mA and at low 0.5mA LED currents (VCE=5V).

The photocouplers contribute significantly to a reduction in power consumption when using high voltages such as 100V AC, by reducing the LED current at the photocoupler. TLP182 and TLP292 support AC input and house two high-output LEDs, while TLP183 and TLP293 support DC input and house a single LED.

The TLP182 and TLP183 are supplied in 4-pin SO6 surface mount packaging with 2,54mm pitch, requiring board mounting dimensions of 7.0mm x 3.7mm and has a height of 2.3mm. The TLP292 and TLP293 are supplied in the smaller SO4 package with 1,27mm pitch, which requires board mounting dimensions of just 7.0mm x 2.6 mm and has a height of 2.1mm.

All the devices have a guaranteed minimum creepage and clearance distance of 5mm, a minimum breakdown voltage (BVs) of 3750Vrms, and they are rated for a wide operation temperature range from -55°C to 125°C.


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